The Christ Minister

In the year of Our Lord Two Thousand Four The Lord released a blessing to one of his servants. The blessing was a gift of spiritual clarity. The servant was also given a new name and a new title. Yashua Elohim SevntL is the name and The Christ Minister is the title. Now after Seven years of Spiritual training and Enlightenment of all that was and is necessary to implement the will of God according to The Word, The Christ Minister is Come in the year of ELEVATION (2011).

Yashua Elohim SevntL is The Christ Minister of The Christ Kingdom of Heaven and The CEO ( Christ’s Executive Officer) of The Christ Kingdom Authorized Ministries.

The Christ Minister’s Web presence is at

Believing in Christ is not enough, even the Devil and his Demons believe, but if you truly seek salvation in The Lord, you must love him, if you truly love him, you would KNOW his Word and Do The Will of God the father.

Are you serving The Lord
or are you serving yourself,
are you
Christ People, (Those That Know Christ, Know his Word and Do them.)

Church People, (Those that believe in Christ but know not his Word.)

Curse people (those who are in Church but evil and sinfulness is in them. )
Worse People (those who hates God, or disbelieves in any higher power than themselves, they live in sin for sin and shall die in their sin)


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